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Engineering the Profession

The shape of the modern world has been credited to the advancements in science and technology. The engineering field has been the major contributory factor towards achieving the scientific marvels of today. Engineers work with structures, tools, machines, metals, chemicals, and various different materials, and use their alertness of mind and creativity to innovate new things or bring modifications to already existing ones.

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Enginneeing is not so much a career as an expertise, which opens doors into a vast range of jobs. Engineers probably have a wider choice of the environment in which to work, and of type of job, than any other profession. This is because engineering today is not confined to the obvious spheres of mechanical, chemical and electrical but has vast scope in advanced areas such as thermal engineering, ultrasonics, vacuum technology, polymer technology, telecommunication, computers and many more.

Area of Work

There are many fields in engineering. The basic purpose of engineering is to design and manufacture the hardware of life. Engineers also repair, modify and construct efficient and economical products, by applying scientific principles to a variety of solutions. They have a hand in the creation of anything in use anywhere. Engineering has several branches, and often the knowledge in one branch can be applied to many fields. Moreover, in any organization or project, engineers from one field work with engineers and specialists of many other fields as well. Some of the major specilizations are as follows:

1.Civil Engineering
2.Mechanical Engineering
3.Chemical Engineering
4.Electrical Engineering
5.Electronics and Communication Engineering
6.Production and Industrial Engineering
7.Computer Engineering
8.Automobile Engineering
9.Telecommunication Engineering
10.Instrumentation Engineering
11.Mining Engineering
12.Aeronautical Engineering
13.Agricultural Engineering
14.Marine Engineering
15.Ceramics Engineering
16.Textile Engineering
17.Other Engineering Specilizations

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